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Dramaturgy of images - Images of thoughts

Dramaturgy of images – Images of thoughts

Maaike Bleeker was one of the opening key notes during the opening session. She was talking about dynamics of dramaturgy as the relationship between the elements. She was referring, among others, to Adorno and Walter Benjamin's writing and the term "thought image" caught my attention.

Thinking through practice would be different for people with different practice. In my work I often think with images. The actual action of taking pictures, the images themselves as well as their organization are elements of the thinking process. Taking pictures allows us to explore the field, the space, the light, human interaction etc.

This publication is an exploration of dramaturgy of images during the conference and the festival. I was interested in the relationship between the academic conference, the artistic festival and the city, These images of thoughts weaved not necessarily in a chronological order but more of the here and now of the experience.

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